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The core of my blogs will center around the profound entities of THOUGHT and CONSCIOUSNESS and my

understanding of their role in nearly everything in our Universe. My background for this blog is as a “ humanistic -numenistic-panpsychimistic-geotheosopher” with extensive scientific, healing, psychologistic, and artistic/creative tendencies, and not so often , shamanistic bends. (Healing could be expanded to reveal an MD-PhD identity.) A reading of my palm reveals a long unbroken Life line with deeply crevassed Heart and Head lines. My Fate line is intersected by my Health line near its exit from my palm. All in all, not a bad palm reading.

Knowing my proclivities I hope you will stick with me and even more, enjoy the contents. This introduction and the next few blogs you may find somewhat esoteric. The intent is to go back to the very beginnings of these two phenomena. To do this I must visit the realms of classical Physics and modern Quantum theory..

Quantum mechanics are not easily digested since they are not intuitive and depict a world starkly different than any of us can easily imagine. However, this world contains the bridge from Science to Philosophy and must be explored when discussing the etiology of Thought and Consciousness. I can only be descriptive of Quantum explanations since I am lost in the mathematical intricacies however that doesn't stop me from jumping in. Hopefully, you will find my blogs interesting.

In "my Universe" everything is interconnected, formed and held together by these basic, fundamental forces:

1) Gravity [mediator graviton ?]

2) Electromagnetism [mediator photon] (Electro-Weak is the newest configuration) 3) Strong Nuclear Force [mediator gluon]

4) Weak Nuclear Force [mediator W-Z boson].

My personal belief is that Consciousness [mediator thought] is the 5th fundamental force of the Universe. Easily said but conceptually difficult to explain.

A fundamental force is an exceptional degree of energy that can not be reduced to a simpler entity. I believe all these forces have directed the continual (and on going) progression of all substances comprising the Universe.

A mediator is just the "workhouse" of the force. It is a particle or a wave depending on how it is detected, always surrounded by a "field of action". Quantum Field Theory now describes and defines the "particle" as more of a localized vibration in the middle of its field of action. All particles are surrounded by a field and this field is the staging area for interactions with other fields.

Such a different world, one wonders what the discoverers were smoking when the "Eureka" call was vocalized.

Never the less, understanding this world is essential for a discussion of the roots of Thought and Consciousness.

Had not all these five fundamental forces been at work, the Universe might still be a fog of subatomic particles spewed forth from the Big Bang with no capability of being assimilated and structured into the complex structures of the present Universe, including you me.

In my opinion, the progression to more complex molecules ,from simpler molecules, is guided chiefly , by the Consciousness/ thought force while the other four forces are busy providing the "glue" to hold the frameworks of atoms and molecules together. Consciousness and thought providing the impetus to proceed to more complex forms.

Both entities of the this 5th force do not have the same exact definition or meaning that you may ascribe to them in our modern vocabularies. Otherwise, this could be confusing , if you thought a molecule containing the 5th force had "awareness" and produced thought because of the force being present, ( perhaps then sporting a "positive electroencephalogram)". Just kidding.

On the other hand the force at this level has the capability of eventually bringing forth organizing energy to produce traditional consciousness and thought in higher forms. A better explanation for Consciousness/thought at this level might be "Pre-consciousness/ pre-thought.

I believe there are 3 Principles that the Consciousness/thought force utilizes in its unfolding of the Universe. They are:

a) Differentiation

b) Interiority (Individuality)

c) Communion

The Principle of Differentiation involves the building of new and different, more complex, yet always unique forms, from simpler, unique forms. This process of Differentiation , in my opinion, whether at the subatomic or macroscopic level is governed by the Consciousness/thought force. It's almost like this force is guided from a coding system embedded in some master plan of the Universe. Who am I to challenge the existence of an Infinite Power running the show.

Every emerging, new and larger form has many atoms and molecules bound together by the four fundamental forces and led to greater complexity by the 5th Consciousness/thought force. This is the Differentiation Principle.

The atom, regardless of where it is located in the evolving complexity of a new form, has a nucleus and subatomic particles/waves associated with fields of action and a considerable amount of "intelligent empty space" among these components. This "empty space" is immense relative to the whole atom. It is obviously a very "smart" space since it is the staging and directing area in the subatomic arena, where the particle /wave interaction/interchanges occur. These subatomic dealings are not the domain of classical Physics now, but of the new "terrifying monster" called Quantum Physics.

Folks with a more spiritual inclination identify this large empty space as "The Unified Field of God". With that understanding , explanations are easier to come by.

The materialization of matter from "nothing to something" (Energy to Mass and back again) in this empty space is the process that, eventually, leads to the substances of our earthly world. Don't begin to attempt an explanation from your logic unless you apply the field of modern Physics.

But think about this, These large empty paces in every atom that comprises us, means that you and I ,technically, are largely made up of empty space. I guess my math professor may have been right when he accused my brain of being empty as I tried to understand calculus..

.Strong electromagnetic (electro-weak nuclear) forces surrounding our atoms and molecules form a shield protecting entry into this empty space. That is why things feel solid ,even though they are not. It just looks and feels that way.

This was not the case ,however, in Alice in Wonderland's Through the Looking Glass. The characters were able to magically penetrate this electromagnetic shield with impunity and disappeared through the mirror into the "intelligent empty space" of the story.

Further, if we are mainly filled with intelligent empty space that communicates with the ubiquitous spaces of all things . it certainly would give some credence to the aboriginal concept of the Spirit of the Universe being in everything. Aboriginals" know" this because it is their Creation story. Present society"knows" this through our Quantum Physics. In a sense , Physicists are our new Philosophers and Mystics..

Now let's talk about the Principle of Interiority. As the complexity evolution continues the newly differentiated, unique forms do not cause a loss of identity of the simpler building blocks within them... In other words ,“smudges or smears” of the building blocks are not produced. Each simpler form retains its individual, unique identity within the new more complex form. A example of this is the evolution of water from the merging of the Hydrogen molecule with the more complex Oxygen molecule to form the even more complex , molecule water.

In so doing , neither O2 or H2 lose their identity and can be separated back out by the application of appropriate energy.

This represents the Principle of Interiority( also called Individuality) This Principle is at work in complex molecules as well. For instance a carbon molecule in the midst of a complex protein molecule can be released as a carbon molecule if decay is complete. The large protein molecule had not made a squish of the carbon atom. A different atom from carbon,such as "Caaarrrbbbooonnn " was not produced.

The third Principle, Communion , relates to the concept that everything evolved in the above two Principles interrelates intimately with each other and in fact this integration is absolutely necessary for the functioning of the Universe. Here the influence of the Consciousness/thought force not only directs the connections within the new form, but also its relationship with all other forms which had been evolving by the same processes. This breeds a communal family concept called Communion.

"Nothing would be what it is unless everything else is what it was." Can't remember who said that but it describes this Principle as well.

How else could the theory of Infinite Correlation work, one example being, coordination of each and every body cell working together for the benefit of the whole organism at the same time, not haphazardly or sequentially or serendipitously.

It doesn’t take much for my imagination to postulate, that our extremely, complex forms, called Earth and now the even more complex forms called humans, evolved with these Forces and the Principles guiding the way. The Forces and Principles within the the 5th force have not stopped working since the Universe is continuing to evolve. Since this entire process has occurred over 3-4 billion years, us humans can not "visualize" this ongoing evolution.

Humans have the ability ,now days, to wipe the slate clean of life forms by a variety of methods . If such should happen, entropy will facilitate our decaying forms in returning our molecules and atoms to a "cosmic pool" to be presumably, used again. I definitely do not want to be doomy gloomy here. I have enough problem just getting you to track with me on neutral stuff. I don't believe we are dumb enough to wipe ourselves out.

I do believe there are processes beyond present scientific explanations and there are realms of issues that will never be explained by us humans using present, empirical vocabularies, techniques and prejudices. Perhaps some of my earlier shamanistic experiences fall in this latter category . What I remember is that they were very powerful experiences and certainly caught my metaphysical attention. Perhaps my theories expressed in this Blog will never leave the metaphysical realm but my pursuit of personal understanding is more my goal. An increased personal understanding that is satisfying to my spirit ,soul and brain.

My theory on Consciousness/ thought being the 5th force in the Universe will be termed "hogwash" by many scientists because there is no proof and no capability of measurement for these entities, at least, in our present state of biometric technology and understandings. The absurdity for them likely gives them crams and a migraines. Just another blubbering Philosopher they might say. However the absurdity could still exist above the level of our present knowledge and capabilities of proof.

Remember that prior to Newton, gravity was not thought about in terms of mathematics , mass or distances, even though gravity was present and citizens knew and felt its effects.

Then Newton postulated that this same force that dropped the apple on his head was present in the Universe , producing our orbit around our sun. Although thought absurd by many, initially , it moved our understandings forward because eventually more empirical evidence came forth to prove his hypotheses were true.

However , Newton never postulated where gravity came from or any specific physical properties of gravity. But along came Einstein's remarkable, yet initially baffling insights, nearly two centuries later. Had these insights been present at the time of Newton, he would have been considered the biggest "wackadoodle" ever to grace the foundations of Physics. Now they are not only acceptable but guide our spacecraft on their incredible missions.

Eventually time, observations, experiments, technology and creative thinking will generally produce greater scientific understandings. Just as If , we had more wise sages and spiritual teachers alive today, more insight into Philosophy and Metaphysics would occur.

Many believe Science and Philosophy will merge one day. They seem to be coinciding more and more each day, or is it just the hopes of an itinerate scientist gawking at sunsets and smelling and sensing the miracle of a rose.

This introductory Blog, although sometimes complicated and perhaps confusing, sets forth a necessary foundation for my constructs on the etiology of Thought and Consciousness.


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